Refund policy


We do not accept returns due to certain customer-related circumstances. If you are unable to receive your items due to reasons such as refusal of package, long absence from address, or incorrect address, you will be issued a refund but charged a return shipping fee and a 1,000JPY(about 9$) administrative fee.

Although we make every effort to ensure product quality, if your order is broken or damaged or the delivered products differ from what you ordered, please contact us within 7 days after delivery.
We will promptly carry out returns, refunds, or exchanges in this case.
*Note: Returns or exchanges may not be accepted in some cases for slight variations in product size or color.

We also may not accept a request for a return or exchange in the following cases.

*Requested for the customer's convenience
(size doesn't fit, product not as pictured, ordered by mistake, etc.)
*Requested more than 7 days after delivery
*Products have been used by the customer
*Products have not been used but have been washed one or more times
*Products have been dirtied by the customer such as when trying them on
*Products which have taken on a smell such as cigarettes
*Products which have been broken or damaged by the customer or for which the tags have been lost
*Customer ordered multiple sizes or colors of the same product with the intent of returning some

Refund Amount

We refund the entire product cost (including tax). No refunds will be issued for shipping and other expenses.
*Note: When sending items back, shipping fees should be paid by the customer.

■Number of Days for Refunds

 Refunds will be paid by wire transfer into your designated bank account within 7 days after we receive the returned products.

■Return Process

 For information about how to make a return, please contact us by email.

Contact address

Destination name: KOTSUMET Inc.

The return process can be completed more smoothly if you make a note of your order number in advance. For information on how to confirm your order number, see here